Family Law

Family law encompasses everything from before you say your I Dos until you reach your I Don’t: prenuptial agreements, absolute divorce (contested and uncontested), alimony, postseparation support, child support, child custody, as well as the various criminal and tort infractions recognized here in North Carolina.  It is my intention to assist you in reaching your goals so long as your goals are not to detrimentally affect your children or to hold onto your ex.  Consent is not required in a North Carolina divorce.  So if you find yourself in a divorce, then I can help you through it on many levels but I will not make the divorce any more difficult than it already is for you and your family.  I will make every effort to create a clean break for you and keep you focused on the bigger picture in life: healthy relationships.

With the recent repeal of Amendment One, same sex marriage is now fully recognized here in North Carolina.  This means that divorce is now possible for so many people who, for example, married in Massachusetts, resided in North Carolina (or any other state that did not or does not recognize same sex marriage), separated from that husband or wife, and on every level have moved on with life and moved into another love.  So long as one of you is a resident of Buncombe County and you have been living physically apart for at least one year, then we can now get you divorced.  For some, a simple divorce is all that is needed.  For others, child support, child custody, property division, and/or postseparation and alimony are factors.  Now, all aspects of divorce are possible and available.  Our community has options where before we had none.